York Toll Plaza

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York Toll Plaza traveling southbound

The York Toll Plaza is a mainline toll plaza along the Maine Turnpike, located at mile marker 8.7. It is the southernmost toll plaza on the turnpike, and also marks the end of where Interstate 95 is signed as the Maine Turnpike. South of the York Toll Plaza, Interstate 95 is not tolled for its remaining 9 miles in Maine, before reaching the Piscataqua River Bridge and entering New Hampshire.

The York Toll Plaza is located about 1/2 mile north of interchange 7, which connects the Maine Turnpike to US-1 near downtown York. However, unlike many other interchanges along the turnpike, interchange 7 does not have ramp tolls for traffic entering or exiting just before the York Toll Plaza. This is partly because there is a large gap between interchanges in this area - interchange 7 is followed by the York Toll Plaza, and then interchange 19 more than 3 miles north of the toll plaza. Therefore, “Shunpiking” - deliberately avoiding tolls - by exiting and quickly re-entering the highway, is rather quite difficult.

The York Toll Plaza charges a cash toll of $2.00 for 2-axle automotive vehicles - that is, traditional cars. Motorcycles receive a discounted toll of $1.75. EZ-PASS users of all vehicle classes also receive a $0.50 discounted toll to encourage drivers to use EZ-PASS, which in turn reduces traffic congestion. To promote this further, the York Toll Plaza has a dedicated EZ-PASS Only Lane in the extreme right lane of the toll plaza, traveling in both directions. This lane does not actually have a toll booth, rather just a camera to read one’s EZ-PASS transponder. Therefore, the speed limit through this lane is 45 MPH, whereas traditional cash or EZ-PASS lanes have a cash speed limit of 10 MPH and an EZ-PASS speed limit of 25 MPH. The highest toll rate charged at the York Toll Plaza is $9.00 for large semi trucks. Any trucks hauling trailers or who otherwise have even more axles than they usually do will still pay the $9.00 toll.