West Gardiner Toll Plaza

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West Gardiner Toll Plaza

The West Gardiner Toll Plaza is a maineline toll plaza along the Maine Turnpike, located at mile marker 99. The plaza marks the northern terminus of the tolled section of the Maine Turnpike - although a non-tolled section does continue north to the interchange with US-202 in Augusta. The only toll barrier north of the West Gardiner Plaza is the toll at the northern end of Interstate 295, which merges back in with the Turnpike just north of the West Gardiner plaza.

Like the New Gloucester Toll Plaza about 30 miles south, the West Gardiner Toll Plaza charges a 2-axle cash rate of $1.75, and a 2-axle EZ-PASS rate of $1.25. Large semi trucks are charged extra per axle, up to a maximum rate of $7.25 cash/$6.75 EZ-PASS.

The Maine Turnpike Authority plans to add express EZ-PASS Only lanes to the West Gardiner Toll Plaza, starting in summer 2018. These lanes will allow EZ-PASS users to proceed through the toll plaza in a dedicated lane, without having to slow down or stop. Traditional cash or EZ-PASS lanes will still be available. This has already been done at a few tolled interchanges along the Maine Turnpike, and has been done at two different toll plazas in neighboring New Hampshire. The turnpike authority has said that they also plan to add the express lanes to the New Gloucester plaza and the York Toll Plaza in late 2018-early 2019.