New Gloucester Toll Plaza

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New Gloucester Toll Plaza traveling northbound

The New Gloucester Toll Plaza is a maineline toll barrier on the Maine Turnpike, located at mile marker 66.9. It is one of two maineline toll barriers along the western portion of the Maine Turnpike, which serves the cities of Lewiston, Gray, and communities in between. The eastern portion of the Maine Tunrpike is no longer tolled and is now designed as Interstate 295, which runs through downtown Portland and bypasses the New Gloucester Toll Plaza and the West Gardiner Toll Plaza.

The toll rates at both New Gloucester and West Gardiner are $1.75 cash and $1.25 EZ-PASS for 2-axle vehicles. The maximum toll rate is $7.25 cash/$6.75 EZ-PASS for large tractor trailers and semis.

The New Gloucester Toll Plaza is one of four maineline toll barriers along the Maine Turnpike, which runs from Kittery to Augusta. The other barriers are the West Gardiner Toll Plaza, the Falmouth Spur Toll Plaza, and the York Toll Plaza. The York Toll Plaza charges a higher rate of $2.00 cash/$1.50 EZ-PASS and the Falmouth Spur charges a lower rate of $1.50 cash/$1.00 EZ-PASS for 2-axle vehicles.