Maine Turnpike - Scarborough Connector Interchange

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Toll booth at interchange 45

The Maine Turnpike Scarborough Connector Interchange, commonly referred to by its numerical identification Interchange 45 is a tolled interchange for the Maine Turnpike, located on the city line between Scarborough and Portland.

The interchange connects the Maine Turnpike (Interstate 95) to the east-west route of the Scarborough Connector, which connects I-95 with the Maine Mall and US-1 in downtown Scarborough. The Scarborough Connector actually also has a north-south route that connects I-295 and the Maine Mall with US-1 (I-295 bypasses the Maine Turnpike through downtown Portland and interchanges with I-95 one interchange south of the Scarborough Connector). A second toll booth was originally in place at the junction of the north-south route and US-1 in downtown Scarborough. However, in 2015, this toll booth was demolished and replaced with an automatic electronic toll collection gantry. Vehicles who do not have EZ-PASS or a compatible equivalent will have their license plates photographed and be mailed a bill. This is often called “Pay-by-Plate” tolling and is increasingly being used across the country as a method to reduce traffic congestion at toll booths.

2-axle cars are charged a toll of $1.00 at both the southern toll gantry and the Interchange 45 toll booth. Unlike the mainline toll barriers along the Maine Turnpike, EZ-PASS users do not receive a discounted toll. Additionally, if a vehicle enters the north-south route traveling north from downtown, and then exits onto the east-west route traveling towards I-95, they will have to pay toll twice. The Maine Turnpike Authority is actively working on re-designing the southern toll gantry, and even considering removing it entirely, to eliminate this problem.