Wells Toll Plaza

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A view of the toll booth on a foggy day. Notice the two gaps at the far right and far left of the image - these used to be additional toll lanes but are now used for toll-free ramps exiting the turnpike and entering the turnpike southbound

The Wells Toll Plaza is a toll plaza at Interchange 19 of the Maine Turnpike, located at the junction of Interstate 95 and ME-109 (Sanford Road). The interchange is tolled because it is the first interchange north of the York Toll Plaza, which marks the southern terminus of the tolled Turnpike. Therefore, traffic entering the highway northbound at this interchange would otherwise travel on the highway toll-free until the New Gloucester Toll Plaza close to 50 miles north.

The Wells Toll Plaza originally did not accept EZ-PASS toll transmissions. When first constructed, the toll booth consisted of 4 lanes, and charged a $0.75 cash-only toll for all traffic entering and exiting the turnpike in both directions. However, in 2008, the tolls at the interchange were changed to accept EZ-PASS payments, but also raise the toll rates to $1.00. In the process of doing this, tolls exiting the turnpike were completely removed, and tolls entering the turnpike southbound were also removed, since the York Toll Plaza will require drivers to pay before they could exit the highway again at exit 7. Now, there are two noticeable gaps in the toll plaza where the extra two lanes used to be - one of them is used as the on-ramp to the turnpike southbound, and the other is used as the off-ramp from the turnpike in both directions.