Westbrook Toll Plaza

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Westbrook Toll Plaza. Note that the toll is only being charged one direction (entering northbound), as you don’t see directional signs behind the toll like in many other interchanges

The Westbrook Toll Plaza is a toll plaza located at Interchange 47 on the Maine Turnpike, which connects Interstate 95 to the Westbrook Arterial, a thoroughfare in the western suburbs of Portland. The Westbrook Toll Plaza is one of only two toll plazas to only charge a toll for traffic traveling in a single direction - in both cases, entering the turnpike northbound. The other toll plaza to do this is the Wells Toll Plaza.

It is not known why the decision to only toll northbound traffic here was made, since the New Gloucester Toll Plaza is located less than 10 miles north of here, and there are only two exits in between, one of them being the Falmouth Spur. The toll booth does extend across the exit ramp, so it appears that exiting traffic may have been charged at one point. However, it is unknown why southbound traffic entering are not charged and don’t appear to have ever been charged.