Larrabee Toll Plaza

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Larrabee Toll Plaza. Note the Express EZ-PASS lane at the far left

The Larrabee Toll Plaza is a toll plaza located at Interchange 48 of the Maine Turnpike, which is the junction of Interstate 95 and Larrabee Road, a local surface street.

For 14 months in 2015, the interchange was closed to traffic while the Maine Turnpike Authority added an Express EZ-PASS lane to the toll plaza. The Express lane allows EZ-PASS users to proceed through the toll plaza at 45 MPH without stopping or slowing down. Standard cash or EZ-PASS lanes are still available, as are cash/receipt only lanes. Vehicles using the Express lane must have a valid EZ-PASS transponder or another compatible equivalent - otherwise they will be considered in evasion of the toll and will be mailed a bill for the toll plus a substantial fee.