Maine Turnpike - Larrabee Road Interchange

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Toll booth at Interchange 48. Note the Express EZ-PASS lane at the far left

The Maine Turnpike Larrabee Road Interchange, commonly referred to by its numerical identification Interchange 48 is a tolled interchange for the Maine Turnpike in Portland, Maine. It is located at the junction of the Maine Turnpike (Interstate 95) and Larrabee Road, a local surface street.

Like many of the Maine Turnpike tolled interchanges, the Larrabee Road Interchange charges a $1.00 toll entering the highway only - exiting is free.

For 14 months in 2015, the interchange was closed to traffic while the Maine Turnpike Authority added an Express EZ-PASS lane to the toll plaza. The Express lane allows EZ-PASS users to proceed through the toll plaza at 45 MPH without stopping or slowing down. Standard cash or EZ-PASS lanes are still available, as are cash/receipt only lanes. Vehicles using the Express lane must have a valid EZ-PASS transponder or another compatible equivalent - otherwise they will be considered in evasion of the toll and will be mailed a bill for the toll plus a substantial fee.

The Larrabee Road Interchange is the northernmost tolled interchange for the Maine Turnpike - with the exception of the Interstate 295 North interchange in West Gardiner. All other interchanges north of Larrabee Road are free entering and exiting due to the New Gloucester Toll Plaza and the West Gardiner Toll Plaza - two mainline toll barriers, along the highway within a 25 mile stretch of road.