Maine Turnpike - Interstate 295 South Interchange

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Toll booth at the southern junction of Interstate 295 and Interstate 95 in Portland

The Maine Turnpike Interstate 295 South Interchange, commonly referred to by its numerical identification Interchange 44 is a tolled interchange for the Maine Turnpike, located on the border between Scarborough and Portland.

The interchange is the southern junction between Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) and Interstate 295, a beltway around the Maine Turnpike that bypasses the New Gloucester Toll Plaza, but cuts directly through downtown Portland and is therefore susceptible to much heavier traffic.

Unlike many other Maine Turnpike interchanges, Interchange 44 is tolled traveling both directions (both entering and leaving the Maine Turnpike). This is because Interstate 295 itself does not have any tolls along its entire length through downtown Portland, except at the northern and southern interchanges with Interstate 95. Additionally, the toll rates at both I-295 interchanges are higher than those at most tolled interchanges along the turnpike - cars are charged a toll of $1.50 cash or EZ-PASS instead of the usual $1.00.