Maine Turnpike - Interstate 295 North Interchange

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Toll booth at interchange 103

The Maine Turnpike Interstate 295 North Interchange, commonly referred to by its numerical identification Interchange 103 is a tolled interchange and the northernmost toll barrier along the Maine Turnpike, located in South Augusta, Maine.

The interchange is the northern terminus of Interstate 295, which bypasses the New Gloucester Toll Plaza and the West Gardiner Toll Plaza through downtown Portland. Although not officially a toll road, I-295 has toll plazas at both its northern and southern interchanges with the Maine Turnpike (Interstate 95). This is done for two reasons. One is to prevent “Shunpiking” - the act of motorists using I-295 for no reason other than to deliberately avoid the two maineline toll barriers. The other reason is that I-295 itself used to be a toll road, but tolls were removed except at the Maine Turnpike interchanges in the early 2000s.

A toll is charged for traffic traveling in both directions, that is, entering and exiting I-295. However, there is no access from I-95 northbound to I-295 southbound at this interchange. Observant motorists will notice that the toll plaza is attached to a former bridge-like structure, and that there is a clearing in the trees shaped like a cloverleaf ramp just north of the toll plaza. Originally, there was access from I-95 N to I-295 S here, but when tolls were removed along the vast majority of I-295, this access was discontinued for safety reasons.

2-axle vehicles pay a toll of $1.50, which is higher than the traditional $1.00 at most other interchanges.