Maine Turnpike - Haigis Parkway Interchange

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Toll booth at Interchange 42. Note that the toll booth extends across both directions of traffic, unlike many others

The Maine Turnpike Haigis Parkway Interchange, commonly referred to by its numerical identification Interchange 42 is a tolled interchange for the Maine Turnpike, located in Scarborough, Maine. The interchange connects the Maine Turnpike (Interstate 95) with Haigis Parkway, which bypasses downtown Scarborough and intersects with US Route 1 about 5 miles south of the Scarborough Connector.

Unlike many of the Maine Turnpike interchanges, the Haigis Parkway interchange is tolled in both directions (entering and exiting the highway). This is due to the location of the interchange - not being near any mainline toll plazas (unless traffic is exiting to the Scarborough Connector or the Falmouth Spur. Traffic traveling southbound will not reach the York Toll Plaza for close to 30 miles, and traffic traveling northbound will not reach the New Gloucester Toll Plaza for close to 18 miles. As such, the Haigis Parkway interchange has a bi-directional toll plaza to prevent “Shunpiking” - the act of deliberately avoiding tolls on a toll road.