Falmouth Spur Toll Plaza

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Not to be confused with Falmouth Toll Plaza.

Falmouth Spur Toll Plaza traveling eastbound

The Falmouth Spur Toll Plaza is a mainline toll plaza along the Falmouth Spur of the Maine Turnpike, located between the cities of Falmouth and Portland, Maine. Although technically located at mile marker 2.4 of the Falmouth Spur, because the Falmouth Spur is a spur route of the Maine Turnpike, the toll plaza is officially considered to be at mile marker 45.6 of the Maine Turnpike.

The toll plaza is located directly in the middle of the 4.8-mile long Falmouth Spur, which connects the Maine Turnpike (Interstate 95) in Falmouth to Interstate 295 and US-1 in North Portland.

2-axle vehicles pay a toll of $1.50 traveling in both directions. Users with EZ-PASS or another compatible equivalent pay a discounted toll of $1.00. The EZ-PASS toll discounts are used at all mainline toll plazas along the Maine Tunrpike, and are increasingly being used on toll roads throughout the United States as a method of encouraging motorists to get an electronic toll collection transponder, in order to help reduce traffic congestion at toll booths by reducing the number of vehicles stopping to pay cash. In fact, many turnpike authorities have even demolished their toll booths and replaced them with electronic toll collection gantries - motorists without a transponder will be billed in the mail. This is known as “Pay-by-Plate” tolling and it eliminates the need for anyone to stop and pay cash.