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Toll booth at Interchange 10

Interchange 10 of the Everett Turnpike, sometimes referred to as the Merrimack South Interchange is a tolled interchange along the Everett Turnpike, located at the southern end of the Central Merrimack Outlets. While the Everett Turnpike itself uses an open-barrier tolling system with only one mainline barrier in Bedford, tolls were constructed on all three interchanges to the Merrimack Outlets (10, 11, and 12) to prevent motorists from exiting at the Outlets and using the Daniel Webster Highway to bypass the Bedford Toll Plaza, commonly known as “Shunpiking”.

All of the ramp tolls at the Merrimack Outlets charge a flat-rate toll for all 2-axle automobiles, regardless of cash payment or EZ-PASS usage. All 2-axle vehicles pay a toll of $0.50, whereas at the mainline Bedford Toll Plaza vehicles pay a toll of $1.50 with cash or $0.75 with EZ-PASS. Additionally, the ramp toll plazas in Merrimack all have an “Exact Change” booth in the far left lane, which is an unmanned both that allows drivers paying cash but not requiring change or receipts to simply deposit their money in a machine. Full service cash or EZ-PASS lanes where change and receipts are available also exist in the right lane, with an EZ-PASS only lane in the middle.

The ramp tolls have been controversial among local residents of interchanges 10, 11, and 12 who are charged each time they get on or off the highway on a regular basis. There have been various proposals to remove the tolls because of this. These proposals have been partially implemented, with only one ramp toll now at interchanges 10 and 12 instead of two. However, two tolls still exist at interchange 11.